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By | November 19, 2016

www.gmail.com signin: Google developed a free email service Gmail, It reached billions of users daily, Gmail is used for the communication purpose, From kids to elders everyone will be using this free email service which is available on Google Playstore, i-tunes to make it easy for Android and iOS operating systems users developers launched new Inbox app. Google developers are working on the app daily to bring more and more updates to make easier for its users and user interfaced.

Users go with Gmail because it provides them secure service, Gmail developed Inbox app to reduce the hassle for its users when they are going to access their multiple accounts at an instant. Using this Inbox app you can simple reduce the time consumption. Gmail made it easier for them who are using it 24/7 and provided support. When compared with other email service providers Gmail made it simple to use.

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People go with Gmail for its free 15 GB free data storage and user requirement, Based on the usage Gmail is providing the upgrade feature up to 30 Terabytes. Even is Google offering to make free video calls for which all sites are looking for. You can catch the friends at hangouts at one place. Gmail is offering professional email like @yourcompany.com to interact with business people in a professional way. Users can easily get sync with their email services with Smartphone’s and Tablets. Gmail is inbox is customization you can use any themes even you can upload new themes which are not present in Google simply by uploading on your own from your PC.

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Users can save the attachments securely after adding their attachments to your personal Google drive which can be protected with two-step verification. Gmail is ready to give its best, You can use www.gmail.com for all other Google products when you are going for downloading games on your android device via play store, accessing Google drives, google sheets, and Google forums. You can also use the Gmail account to watch and subscribe to YouTube videos and channels.

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Gmail recently added ‘Undo Send feature’ which will help when you sent an email to wrong person or other person, There you can use this latest feature of Gmail which comes in handy, You need to just enable it on Gmail inbox. Simply by going to settings and customize your Gmail account features at once. Even you can manage the cancellation period from 5 to 30 seconds.

Gmail developed APK file which measures around 17.76 MB, It is easily installed over Android and iOS operating systems, Not only these there are many other features that you can use with your Gmail account are Google Docs, Google Playstore, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram what not you can use it for all registrations online. Now Google is gearing up to update  Gmail app on iOS include the ability to search faster, with instant results and spelling suggestions, and the ability to swipe to archive or delete, to quickly clear items out of your inbox.

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