How to Edit Epass Fresh/Renewal Application Form 2016-17 for Pre and Post Matric

By | December 7, 2016

How to Edit Epass Fresh/Renewal Application Form 2016-17 epass edit application of ap, ts, hp, karnataka.

How to Edit Epass: I suggest you all those who applied for the epass who resides in all the 5 states Andhra Pradesh, telangana, Tripura, himachal Pradesh, Karnataka etc. All these states has been providing epass every year for the students who are not in a position to pay fee for their colleges (post matric) and schooling (pre matric) are giving a chance to edit the applications that are needed to be corrected by the applicants just because of their mistakes filled at the time of applying. This edit option helps you in getting the epass scholarship amount to pursue their studies with the help of the organizations across India.

How to Edit Epass Application of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States

As we all know that the above states already been received the applications fro the eligible candidates for the 5 states and the team of verification from all these states looking at the applications whether the individuals are really eligible to get the scholarship for their studies or not. The students whoever is filled wrong information or the documents mismatched, will be rejected to get the epass scholarship amount for sure. So be careful while filling up the application forms before submission. If you have already been done the mistake, you are allowed to epass edit application of ap, ts, hp, karnataka through the separate page that provided by the organizations of all state. For example you might have been filled wrong bank account number or ifsc code.

Edit Epass Fresh/Renewal Application of Karnataka 2016-17

You may also have the chances of filling wrong Admission number, aadhar card number etc. The applicants have been given a month period before closing or rejecting the applications from the last date of submission. In this one month if anybody felt they filled something wrong, they will be given a final chance to correct their mistake. is the web page where you can get more update on all the epass applications and edit options and also about the epass status of the students for the 2 states of Andhra Pradesh and telangana. You also have the chance of editing the renewal applications too.

We hope you have the knowledge of all How to Edit Epass Fresh/Renewal Application 2016-17. For those who are not aware of the same, should read this page carefully to avoid any further miscommunication with the epass district office. If your father and mother expired, then you need to fill the application with the number 123456789012 (12 digit number). For more updates on e aadhar status etc, visit Sometimes there are chances of extending the last date to apply or edit the epass applications.

epass edit application of Fresh and Renewal 2016-17

There are pages where you can check the edit options and the instructions to edit the epass for all the states. Read the same carefully before editing it. Otherwise your applications will be permanently rejected for the academic year. You will lose 1 yr of academic year and that damage your career for sure. You need to verify with the 2 Telugu states whether you have the chance of getting epass eligibility from the state of telangana or Andhra Pradesh. This question must come from the students who apply for the pre and post matric scholarships.

The portal of ap and telangana clearly described how you have to decide about the eligibility for specific state and what are the certificates and documents need to be submitted to prove that you belongs to that particular state. You also might have the chances of filling wrong details about personal details like date of birth, qualification and the years of passing of ssc, inter or degree etc. Courses you have been finished till dates etc. You should also have to verify why the application still pending without any status. District welfare officer requests your original documents that verified for the final time.

Edit Epass Application at

You need to take a printed version of the documents that are re submitted and that will be helpful for you to show to the officials at any time as a proof of re submission and corrected your mistake. I hope you understand the basic information that is helpful for you in the process of editing the applications that already had been submitted and finally you fill it up correctly and re submit it. Good luck. Here you get the update on karnataka epass.

TS Edit Epass Fresh/Renewal Application 2016-17 Click Here

Karepass Edit Option Click Here

HP ePASS Edit Option Click Here

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