ePASS Status 2016-17 for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana at www.epass.cgg.gov.in

By | December 9, 2016

ePASS Status 2016-17 for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana at www.epass.cgg.gov.in ap epass application Status 2016-17 ts epass application.

epass status is the special program for the students who are willing to pursue their studies by using the scholarship program offered by many of the government sectors and private sector organizations. Each state government in India giving a chance to the students from all over the state who performs well in their previous academic years through out the career of their education.

Here is the topic we discuss about the scholarship provided by the various government sectors in India. for example Andhra Pradesh provided Post Matric scholarship program, we discuss more about this in the below article. It is described as ELECTRONIC PAYMENT AND APPLICATION SYSTEM OF SCHOLARSHIPS. This itself giving the meaning of how the students apply for the scholarship through electronic payment method.

We recommend all the students from 10th inter degree and post graduation standers to get the idea on how epass works and how to get eligibility. Once you get the knowledge on scholarship, you need to get qualified for the scholarship based on the competition applied for the particular scholarship.

ePASS Status 2016-17 for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

This is the good news to the students this is the time to focus on how to apply for the scholarship and what to do after applying for the scholarship for the organizations or government boards who offer this scholarship for financially poor students. Get the latest update on ap epass.

Once you applied, you need to verify the status of the applicat6ion. this is called verifying the epass status through online time to time till the last date of the scholarship program. If the board members who verify the applications of the stents thinks your profile is eligible for the scholarship, you will get the positive signal to get the approval and they allow you to proceed further.


ePASS Status 2016-17 for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

The states who offer epass program are Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh and couple of other states. The states who provide the scholarship for the students also provide scholarship but they called it as it is. Scholarship saturation mode is the process where the applications from various categories for the students like SC, ST and OBC students who applied for the epass will get the update on their applications and this time period is called epass saturation mode.

The students who comes from the SC, ST and OBC like back ward caste will get the scholarship faster than the other category or general category. the income slab for the backward castes should not exceed 2 lakhs income per annum where as the income should not exceed 1 lakh per annum for the general category students.

let us have a look at what is all about EPASS RTF & MTF. These terms tells that these are the two major terms which are in use. RTF tells that the Reimbursement of tuition Fee All non-refundable fee.

AP and TS ePASS Status 2016-17 @ epass.cgg.gov.in

This fee is payable to the schools or degree or post graduation colleges on behalf of students. Where as MTF tells us the details that these are the funds used for Maintenance charges for the students. The maintenance charges which are used by the students as their pocket money in the college and out side of the college. Andhra Pradesh for instance spending 4,500 Crore rupees for this scheme per year approximately and around 25 to 30 lakh students gets benefited by the epass.

The application for the students available through online which will be released by the state government in the month of June and July and ends in the month of September and October. The students should verify their application status through online once they applied. Once you registered for the scholarship, you have the chance of re registration of your application if there are any errors you found in the middle of your application process.

Post Matric and Pre Matric scholarship is available for you. the students who are willing to pursue their college studies after finishing their 10th standard should apply for the post Matric scholarship.

The students who wish to study their schooling will be applying for the Pre Matric scholarship program. The states mentioned above providing both Pre and Post Matric scholarship programs.  some times your application will be rejected by mistake of the members of the verification team or by your own hand.

www.epass.cgg.gov.in application Status TS

This is the tough time for you to get corrected of these mistakes. You need to go for the correction page of the epass and then you need to fill the correct details this time and submit to the organizations.

Then the verification team consider your request and then gives the status. you also have the chance of renewal of your scholarship programs. Once you got the application and entered to the colleges to pursue the courses of your choice, you need to renew it every year thorough out the program. Better you get the knowledge on renewal process of epass before the last date and apply properly for the renewal program.

Then you will be get benefited of the renewal of the epass and finally get the funds to pursue one more year in the same college or school. the most important point is that what are the eligibility criteria for the epass in the states. The students from different castes must be verifying their scholarship eligibility process.

You should be choosing the colleges or schools based on your priority and you need to select the institutions in the online application form carefully. Then the verification or counseling team will allot the institution based on your choice and the availability of the same.

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